Seal and Symbols

The Logo



Composed of an open book and torch from which sun rays emanate, the college seal is a fitting embodiment of the strength and endurance that the institution has maintained since its inception in 1966 as the first community college in the country.

The book’s yellow border signifies CCU’s pledge to its students of providing transformative education, inculcating in them the golden ideals of character building. This is made manifest in the college’s emphasis of valuing hard work, of perfecting one’s chosen craft, of continuing one’s quest for knowledge and wisdom, and of practicing one’s service-orientedness.

Encased in this gilded edge, the open book echoes the founder’s philosophy of ensuring that quality is equitable and accessible to people from all walks of life. The different gradations of blue and red represent the synergistic fusion of the efforts of various individuals-from the non-teaching staff, the faculty and up to the administrators- work for the continuous improvement of CCU.

The torch with its rd flame symbolizes the students of the College who are passionately committed to enhance and hone their full potentials- in the academic field, in technical and skills training, and in cultural and social enrichment.

This intense zeal is further reflected in the sun’s golden rays, arising out of the college’s dedication to banish the cobwebs of ignorance through education. CCU believes that like gold which will never tarnish, quality education is a gift that the school will forever endow to humanity. Hence, the sun’s rays move outwards, following the College’s desire to reach out, as an institution and through its students, especially in promoting community development, nation-building and global brotherhood.


The Pedro T. Orata Statue