University VMGO

Institutional Vision

A transformative, self-reliant, and dynamic university envisions to be center of excellence in producing SMART (Service-Driven, Motivated, Achiever, Responsive and Transformed team player) professionals who are globally competitive with distinctive capabilities in research, extension and production.

Institutional Mission

A university that shall provide advanced instruction in the field of arts, teacher education, behavioral sciences, engineering and technology, allied health, legal studies, criminal justice, and entrepreneurship and shall establish a strong research culture with active involvement in extension and production activities.


Core Value. The institution shall be committed in fostering academic excellence and character development guided by the 12 character traits for success.


Month Core Value Description
January Resourcefulness Finding practical uses for that which others would overlook or discard
February Responsibility Knowing and doing what is expected of me
March Thriftiness Allowing myself and others to spend only what is necessary
April Truthfulness Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts
May Wisdom Making practical applications of truth in daily decisions
June Enthusiasm Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort
July Gratefulness Letting other know by my words and actions how they have benefited by life
August Initiative Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I asked to do it
September Justice Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right and true
October Loyalty Using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve
November Obedience Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the wise direction of those who are responsible for me
December Orderliness Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency


Institutional Goal

The university aims to contribute to the attainment of national and international development goals through character building, academic excellence, promotion and enrichment of the Filipino historical and cultural heritage and preservation of environment.

Major Objectives


(S M A R T)

The Urdaneta City University’s objectives are summed up with the abbreviation SMART which corresponds to Service-driven, Motivated Achiever, Responsive and Transformed Team player.

S Service-driven The value of taking the initiative to provide for the needs of the students and stakeholders more than what they expect or what is necessary.
M Motivated The process of guiding to maintain, a goal-oriented students’ level of desire and enthusiasm in doing things.
A Achiever The manner or way of a student of gaining effort in spite of difficulty that will bring to a satisfaction, productive and successful end.
R Responsive The students’ way of reacting things in a desired or positive way and the flexibility in doing a task.
T Transformed team player The students’ change/s in his life completely.