Student Affairs


To uphold the vision of the University to transform students to become globally competitive professionals through quality student-related services.



To provide for the holistic development of students through quality student- related services nurturing them to be physically sound, mentally alert, morally upright, and law abiding citizens.


Goals and Objectives

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs assumes the responsibility of facilitating the growth and development of students by bringing together the service committees and offices of the University namely: The Campus Student Organizations (CSO), Office of Student Assistance and Scholarships (OSAS), Office of Student Discipline (OSD), Office of Sports and Cultural Development (OSACD), Office of the Guidance and Counseling (OGC) and in coordination with other student-related services.
General Objectives

  • Promote access to quality, relevant, efficient, and effective student affairs and services;
  • Support student development and welfare; and
  • Ensure that the University will provide holistic approach of Student Affairs.
  • Enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulation


  • Prepare a Student Handbook containing among others, policies, rules and regulations affecting student formation, development, conduct, behavior, and discipline, and the guidelines of student organizations.
  • Advice the Urdaneta City University Student Government in its functions, programs, and activities;
  • Supervise campus student organizations with respect to the :
    • Approval of faculty adviser as proposed by officers of the organizations or the college/department concerned;
    • Processing of organizational membership, annual reports and record;
    • Advising of student organizations’ officers;
    • Maintaining channels of communication through regular monthly meetings with officers, consultation sessions and other forums.
  • Accept student applicants who aim for a scholarship grants and campus employment to deserving students who are financially handicapped.
  • Recommend requests of student groups for the use of University facilities to the Physical Facilities Office for Approval;
  • Conduct Freshmen Orientation Programs in coordination w/ Guidance and Counseling Office.
  • Coordinate with University Offices concerned with student services in the following areas.
    • Liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations;
    • Co-curricular and extra-curricular student development programs;
    • Guidance and counseling services;
    • Student community and extension services;
  • Promote linkages with external and professional organizations for assistance in student formation and development programs; and
  • Initiate the athletes’ recreational and sports development programs which inculcate the values of sportsmanship.
  • Implement guidelines on the prescribed code of student discipline.