Caregiver Department


To provide a well-rounded learning and training to future caregivers able to deliver comprehensive care, responsive to clients needs and be globally comparative.



To produce qualified, efficient and knowledgeable graduates who are intellectually capable, self-actualized and responsible members of the society.



1. To prepare his or her role as a caregiver

2. To equip them with the knowledge on the care of children

3. To be able to manage the home properly

4. To provide concern and care for children, clients with special needs.


Program Description
The Caregiver training Program is an eight-month certificate program in a classroom and clinical setting. It is an intrinsic program conducted by highly selected and competent team of facilitators/trainers of specializations, where lectures, demonstration as well as return demonstration, culminating and related activities would definitely prepare the trainess to assume their responsibilities in a Canadian setting. Practical experience is also provided to further enhance their caring skills and help them become well-rounded individuals.