HRS and Tourism Management



To be the center of training and assessment in hospitality and tourism industry thereby preparing its students / trainees to be competent in global competitive market and industry.



To equip students/trainees with skills and knowledge that will enable them to manage the requirements of the hospitality and tourism industry anywhere in the world.



The School of Hotel and Restaurant Services/Management and Tourism aims to:


  1. To offer a responsive and world class curriculum that will prepare students to be at their best in performing the various tasks and skills expected to them in the tourism industry/hospitality sectors.
  2. To provide high quality teaching and advising through faculty who are certified trainers by the authority and industry.
  3. To provide abundant opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills in the latest trends in the hospitality industry through extensive training with industry involvements.
  4. To provide an abundance of work experiences through apprenticeship programs, as well as local and international industry linkages .
  5. To develop managers, entrepreneurs and business in the hospitality and tourism industry in Pangasinan. To cultivate and enrich the value of hospitality in the City of Urdaneta specially in the whole province of Pangasinan.




    1. Aims to provide students with necessary knowledge to strategically manage hotel and restaurants in an increasingly complex and competitive business sector.
    2. Graduates of Hotel and Restaurant Services and Management and Tourism shall possess the following skills and professional competencies:
      1. Resources: identifies goal-relevant activities, ranks them, allocates resources
      2. Interpersonal: works with others
      3. Information: acquires and evaluates information
      4. Systems: understands complex interrelationships
      5. Technology: works with a variety of technologies


  1. Performs work activities effectively and efficiently to the standards expected in the operation required in the tourism Industry/hospitality sectors
  2. Undertakes task, functions, duties and activities in the operation of the hotels, restaurants, travel, government and non-government agencies in accordance with the competency standards
  3. Analyzes situation, identifies problems, formulates solutions and implements corrective and/or mitigating measures and action.


Welcome to the Urdaneta City University School of Hotel and Restaurant Services/Management and Tourism! We are delighted that you have decided to join us and pleased that we will have this opportunity to share our commitment about our hotel and Restaurant services/management and Tourism programs. As you go through our programs you will find that it is filled with many opportunities that allow you to become dynamic and competitive in this industry. Our faculty are certified trainers in the industry and ready to help you along the way.