The College of Nursing of the Urdaneta City University was envisioned to become a center of excellence for the development of globally competitive, self-realized, socially responsible, morally upright professional nurses efficient in their fields of endeavor towards the transformation of a healthy nation.



In the pursuit of its commitments, the college focuses on the holistic development of the students to become competent, committed, dedicated nurses for a quality delivery of health care to meet the health needs of the individual, family and the community along promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering.



The College of Nursing focuses on the total formation of the students both in the skills needed in the profession of nursing as well as the values formation of the students through excellence in nursing education, leadership, scholarship and innovative practice. The college aims to produce nurses who can situate their service career in the broader context of their personal, spiritual and religious development and its influence on the community where they belong.



The College of Nursing is committed to provide quality values-oriented education and to and to produce a globally-competent nurse who shall make a big difference in the Nursing profession.

In concordance with its vision, mission and goal, the College of Nursing strives:

  1. To provide quality education that will impart knowledge and develop sound moral values.
  2. To prepare strident nurses as primary care providers in all settings.
  3. To improve the student’s communication skills and strategies for effective health education.
  4. To equip the student with the necessary knowledge and skills in utilizing the nursing process to promote safe and quality patient care.
  5. To enhance understanding of the environment through nursing research.
  6. To develop the student’s ability to adapt, organize, and manage advancements in technology and resources.
  7. To create the student’s awareness and observance of the national and international ethico-moral standards.
  8. To strengthen the spiritual formation of all students.
  9. To mold the student’s positive attitude and commitment to lifelong personal and professional growth.


Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Health Care Services NC II