College of Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy shall empower students with the scientific wisdom, skills, attitude and character necessary to develop pharmacists who can provide competent service in the various areas of pharmacy practice such as: Community, Industrial, Hospital, Research, Academe, Regulatory and in such other arena where pharmaceutical expertise is needed.



A premier academic institution in the field of Pharmacy Education producing pharmacists who are qualified, skilled and at par with the world’s best.



Pharmacy graduates shall be able to:


  1. Manage drug establishments based on sound business principles.
  2. Provide quality medicines as well as other Health care services
  3. Provide timely and appropriate Drug Information needed by other health professionals and patients.
  4. Application of the state of the art methods, processes and technologies in the area of quality assurance, production, storage and the data-banking of drugs, foods, cosmetics and medical devices.
  5. Engage in accurate and relevant scientific researches.
  6. Be effective and efficient in the delivery of pharmaceutical services.
  7. Discover, develop and produce new drugs for prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment of sickness and illnesses.
  8. Abide with lawful and legal pharmaceutical practices and processes.


Course Offered:

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy