Continuing and Professional Development

Continuing and Professional Development


The Urdaneta City University, guided with philosophical aspirations to deliver quality  and functional education through alternative ways to access innovative instruction and flexible learning by properly designed modular and seminar type approaches and methods, offers a Continuing Education Program for all professionals to upgrade their professional growth in their fields of expertise and other avenues of transformative learning.

Through the Continuing Education Program, professionals are transformed to become effective, competent, and value-oriented citizens in their chosen career and are empowered to contribute to the sustainable development of the global community in the 21st century.

The Continuing Education Program was established through proper and distinct legal bases such as the following:

      • The 1987 Philippine Constitution in Article XIV (Education) which aims to make quality education at all levels accessible to all Filipinos and to develop non-formal, informal and indigenous learning system as well as self-learning/independent and out-of-scheme study programs particularly those that respond to community needs.
      • Republic Act No. 7722 which provides that “The State shall protect, foster and promote the right of all citizens to affordable quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to ensure that education shall be accessible to all. The State shall likewise ensure and protect academic freedom and shall promote its exercise and observance for the continuing intellectual growth, the advancement of learning and research, the development of responsible and effective leadership, the education of high-level and middle-level professionals, and the enrichment of our historical and cultural heritage.

Mode of Delivery

With the rapid advances and changes that occur in community services, the CPD is an essential part of a community professional and practitioner’s career development.  Short courses, seminars, in-house training, conferences, workshops and practicum are some of the essential modes of delivery in the UCU-CPD.

List of Programs

    • Certificate in Guidance & Counselling
    • Certificate in Physical Education and Sports Management
    • Certificate in Special Education
    • Certificate in Early Childhood Education
    • Certificate in Community Health Education
    • Certificate in Science Teaching
    • Certificate in Filipino Teaching
    • Certificate in Mathematics Teaching
    • Certificate in English Teaching
    • Certificate in Social Science Teaching
    • Certificate in Language Teaching
    • Certificate in Alternative Learning Teaching
    • Certificate in TLE Teaching
    • Certificate in Educational Management
    • Certificate in Business Administration
    • Certificate in Social Work
    • Certificate in Agribusiness
    • Certificate in Alternative Medicine
    • Graduate Certificate/Certificate in Barangay Governance
    • Certificate in Professional Education
    • Certificate in Public Administration
    • Certificate in Business Administration
    • Certificate in Values Education
    • Certificate in Rural Health Services
    • Certificate in Information and Communications Technology
    • Certificate in Security Management
    • Certificate in Law Enforcement Administration
    • Certificate in Hospitality Management and Public Relation
    • Certificate in Environmental Studies
    • Certificate in Christian Living Teaching
    • Certificate in Accounting for Non-Accountants
    • Executive Course in Legal Management
    • Executive Course in Leadership and Organizational Management
    • Executive Course in Human Relation & Values Formation
    • Executive Course in Fiscal Management
    • Executive Course in Program/Project Management
    • Executive Course in Teaching Methodology
    • Executive Course in Office Management
    • Executive Course in Cooperative Management
    • Executive Course in Building Electrical Installation and Management
    • Executive Course in Records Management
    • Executive Course in Human Resource Development and Management
    • Executive Course in Public Speaking
    • Executive Course in Business Correspondence
    • Graduate Certificate in Local Governance