Research and Extensions


The Urdaneta City University Research Center will be the research center of the Urdaneta City University. Its researches will contribute to the enrichment of the arts, culture, and the academe that offers transformative education to produce self-realized, socially and morally responsible citizens.


To make researches that will contribute to the development of the University and the community. It shall develop research oriented faculty and students who will be initiators and prime movers in research capability.

The Research Office

The Urdaneta City University Research Center (UCURC) is a distinctive management body in the university that is governed by the institutional research policies legislated by the University Research Council (URC). It translates these policies into operational procedures that are implemented in the different programs of the university.


The purpose of research programs in the university is to support the creation of continuing collaboration between the departments and colleges and between the institution and the community it serves. Specifically it aims to:

  • Promote the culture of research and sharing of knowledge in the institution and between the colleges in the institution and the communities served.
  • Enrich research in support to the standardized curriculum and instruction.
  • Increase greater opportunities of student’s employability through diverse opportunities to cultivate their knowledge, expertise and work skills through research and their related experiences.
  • To create, collect and synthesize new knowledge and information.
  • To respond to National Higher education research agenda.