Registration Procedures

The registration period shall begin two weeks before the start of regular classes, unless the University sets a different period. A student shall be officially enrolled upon registration and payment of proper fees.

Officially enrolled students shall be included in the master lists of students per subject. A student is not allowed to change or transfer class schedule unless approved by the College Dean and the Registrar.

The registration procedure shall be posted in designated bulletin boards.

Provision for late Enrollees

Late enrollment of old students shall be allowed within one week after the opening of classes. Likewise, said enrollees are requested to report to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for validating the reasons for the late enrolment.

  1. Changing, Adding, and Dropping of Subjects

Student who wishes to change and/or add a subject shall duly accomplish the prescribed form from the Registrar’s Office. A fee of 50.00 pesos shall be charged for both services per transaction.

A student who drops out without permission from a subject/s during the prelim term of the regular semester or Midterm of the summer classes shall be given a mark of Dropped.

A student who drops out without permission from a subject/s during or after the Midterm of the regular semester or final Term of the Summer period shall automatically be given a failing grade and shall be required to pay the full amount of corresponding tuition. (For further discussion of payments and refunds, see Section 2, Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees)

A student who withdraws with permission shall be given an OD (Officially Dropped) mark instead of Dropped or Failed.

  1. Shifting of Course/Major

A student who wishes to shift his course shall secure and accomplish four copies of shifting form from the Office of the Registrar. The accomplished form shall be subsequently signed by and furnished to the Guidance Office, Dean of the previous department, Dean of the receiving department and Office of the Registrar.