Scholarships & Grants

The Office of Student Assistance and Scholarships (OSAS) is tasked to centralize efforts in the supervision of scholars and scholarship programs of students and faculty members. The OSAS mission is to enhance the development of each scholar by providing seminar training and leadership skills.

The Office of Scholarships Coordinator (OSC) is an independent unit that works in coordination with the University President and the Vice President for Student Affairs to offer services to students and faculty members who wish to pursue their higher education at Urdaneta City University.

The mission of the OSC is to provide financial assistance to students and faculty members so they may achieve their education goals.


  • Assist with financial aid and scholarship program presentations to the studentry.
  • Accept student applicants who aim for a scholarship grant.
  • Determine the awarding of all University Scholarship.
  • Prepare financial aid processing for university scholars.
  • Encourage and reviews applications based on students’ past academic performance.
  • Provide information on student accounts as well as student billings.
  • Contribute to the effective team management of all relevant problems, issues and opportunities.
  • Assist with the Freshmen Orientation Program to educate new students and transferees on the scholarship programs offered by the university.
  • Promote the scholarship programs to various local area high schools during the Career Guidance Tour.
  • Work with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in monitoring the scholars, specifically the Student Assistance Program under Service Scholarships.
  • Oversee and manage scholarship coordination and awards.

Available Scholarships