Guidance and Counseling

Guidance Office


To become a functional Guidance Center in order to answer the needs of students in the adjustment throughout college thereby becoming self directed citizens on the community and country.


Guidance services are an integral part of the entire educational set up of the university. The program tries to reach individual university student and encompass its relationship between individual students’ personal, social and psychological environment. Its overall purpose – that of aiding the individual to become increasingly self-directive.


Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide for a more adequate guidance services which will be of help in meeting the needs and problems of students of the Urdaneta City University.
  2. To assist students to achieve desired level of their capacities and meet clarify and help solve their problems to become self-directing individuals.
  3. To encourage teachers to perform their guidance functions and support the program of UCU.

General Objectives:

The Guidance Office strives to help students to:

  • Feel that they belong to the school
  • Develop a feeling of responsibility
  • Understand themselves better to make a meaningful decision in order to be relieved of disabling tension by harnessing their emotions productively.