Guidance Services

Guidance Services

The guidance services are intended to bring out the best of the students by making them increasingly aware and competent in self-direction in a changing environment.


Orientation Service

It helps organized and conduct an orientation program for the benefit of the new students to acquire the necessary knowledge about the new school, its rules and regulations. Accordingly, this helps students to make adjustment to feel a sense of security and belongingness.


Individual Inventory Services

It gathers all reliable data, information and records to assemble and compile them for functional use. It acquaints students with their own characteristics, status, and progress which make them rediscover themselves thus, making use of these information for intelligent decision making according to their intent, experience, and needs.


Information Services

The service provides adequate and substantial information related to personal, psychological, social and educational fields.


Testing/Evaluation Services

This service is designed to secure accurate information about each students’ abilities, aptitudes, interest and personal characteristics in order to assist the student gain an increasing self-knowledge and understanding of his capacity in as many aspects of his life and career as possible.


Counseling Services

This service which is considered as the “heart of guidance program” is designed to facilitate self-understanding self-development thorugh face to face interaction. This person-to-person relationship focuses on personal development and decision making based on self-understanding and self-awareness.


Placement and Follow-up Services

These services aim to offer assistance to unadjusted students and those who come for counselling because of recurring problems. Further, this is also an on-going program for the graduates as in job placement.


Referral Services

This service shall provide for referrals of students by teachers to the guidance department. The professional staffs are usually able to give the students the helps that they need.


Seminar for student development

As part of the continued service of the Guidance Office, the center prepares a series of seminar for the students. Its main objective is to offer and provide the students the answer to their needs for personality development and better human relations and in the promotion of their holistic development. The said seminars envisioned to help the students especially the freshmen students.