Student Organizations


The Campus Student Organizations (CSO) provides programs and activities designed for the enhancement of leadership skills and social responsibility, which include Student Organizations and Activities, Student Council/Government, Leadership Training Programs, Students Publications, Sports Development Programs, Social and Community Involvement and multi-faith services.

Campus Student Organizations (CSO) of the University shall adhere to the Office of Student Affairs’ procedure and standards for recognition. Likewise, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of their activities shall be observed.


Student organizations are recognized as supportive institutional agencies of the University in achieving its goals, ideal, and objectives.


Membership and Recruitment

  • An initial membership of at least 25 students is required before any group is granted temporary use of school facilities for recruitment purposes.
  • Only bona fide students of the University may become members of UCU campus organizations.
  • A student’s membership is limited to only three (3) campus organizations.
  • Bona fide students of UCU are not allowed to become members of organizations in other schools.
  • No high school students should be recruited in any collegiate campus organizations.
  • All presidents of campus organizations must submit a list of all members and annual program of activities every year for verification and monitoring purposes.

Application for Recognition

  • All application for recognition of campus organizations must be conducted five weeks after the start of regular classes. Deadline for submission of application will be set by OSA.
  • Duly accomplished application form must be submitted to the Adviser of the Campus Student Organization for review and evaluation.
  • The acting President/Head/Chairman must include in the said application the following requirements.
    • Constitution and by-Laws which shall explicitly contain provisions that the organizations shall strictly prohibit hazing or other forms of physical violence as requirement for membership admission;
    • List of officers and members;
    • Name of two(2) recommended Faculty Advisers; one of whom should be a full-time faculty member of the University;
    • Written consent from the adviser that he/she has accepted the advisership;
    • Program of activities for the school year ; and
    • Financial statement (if any)of the organizations;
  • Recognition is granted to a Campus Organization after it has met all aforementioned requirements.
  • Activities and OperationsPrior Approval
      • All campus activities of student organizations must have prior approved from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). All off-campus activities must be accompanied by a faculty adviser.


      • Contributions, in order to carry out all campus activities of student organization must not exceed the amount of Ten Pesos (P10.00). Beyond this, the student organization must first secure the approval of the Vice-President for Student Affairs with attached resolution. This provision likewise covers all off-campus activities of any student organization.

    Initiation Rites

      • Whenever conducted, initiation rites should be held publicly in campus and in the presence of the Advisers.
      • Any form of physical contact and/or degrading acts during initiation and elsewhere are strictly prohibited.

    Schedule of Activities

      • Calendar schedule of co-curricular activities by campus organizations are to exclude examination weeks and must culminate two weeks before the final examinations.


    • Periodic reports for the First Semester and Second Semester covering the accomplishment reports with proper documentations and financial standing of the organizations are to be submitted by the Campus Student Advisers to the Office of the Vice President for the Student Affairs.

List of Student Organizations