UCU remains stable despite slight dip in student population

Urdaneta City University (UCU) faced the decrease of its population having only 1,889 new students for this semester.

The number of enrollees is affected even in many universities and colleges nationwide because of the K+12 curriculum implementation. The expected college freshmen became senior high school students in compliance with the new curriculum. This is the reason why other universities offered senior high school curriculum for them to maintain their enrollment.

Meanwhile, UCU believed that there are those who temporarily stopped schooling, out of school youths who then decided to go to college, and transferees who enrolled in the university. “In fact, 19% of the university’s population are transferees,” Mr. Jofil Lomboy, System Administrator, said.

According to the Registrar’s Office, despite the drop on the total percentage of enrollees compared to last year, the number of freshmen and transferees this year still sums up a large portion of the student’s whole population.

In an interview with Jayson Garcia, a freshman criminology student, he said that the k-12 program had an impact on his decision to continue his study.

UCU has 10,395 students this semester tallied by the registrar’s office compare to the last year’s second semester with 12, 849 enrollees. #