English majors personify literary characters

English majors personify literary characters

Students from Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English (BSEd Eng) celebrated the last day of the 1st Language Festival by depicting various fictional characters through tableau presentation on December 7, 2018, at the Green Home 3.

Tableau is a form of visual presentation that requires participants to depict the story in a silent and motionless way.

Five groups of BSEd Eng assembled themselves and realized the portrayal of some of the popular literary figures from the classical myths and TV series.

Group number 1 from BSEd Eng-1, block 1 interpreted various Tagalog Deities in Ancient Philippine Mythology introducing ‘Bathala,’ ‘diwata,’ and other mythical characters.

Meanwhile, group 2 from BSEd Eng-1, block 2 gave a visual representation of the popular gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology.

The third group from BSEd Eng-1, block 3 introduced the myth of the North Germanic people in their characterization of deities, beings, and heroes derived from the Norse Mythology.

The story of a vengeful fairy named ‘Maleficent’ who cursed an infant princess and realized later that the child holds the key to peace in the kingdom was portrayed by group 4, another group from BSEd Eng-1, block 1.

Lastly, group 5, also from BSEd-Eng block 3 amazed the crowd by their depiction of the iconic local fantasy series ‘Encatandia’ and ‘Mulawin,’ featuring ‘Sangres & Inang Reyna’ and ‘Modern Mulawin.’

Jhunard Beltran (BSEd Eng-1,block 3), who portrayed ‘Modern Mulawin’ and Jane Louise Galaban Pasion, who portrayed ‘Maleficent’ won the award for Best in Costume, respectively.

The group 5 who presented ‘Encatandia’ and ‘Mulawin’ notched the first place in Best Tableau presentation, while the group 3 (Norse Mythology), snatched the second place and the group 4 (Maleficent) grabbed the third place in the same category.#

Photos by James Robert R. Canlas