German doc offers nurse training; job awaits

German doc offers nurse training; job awaits

Former resident representative of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Dr. Peter Koepingger chose Urdaneta City University-College of Nursing to receive training in International Standard Nursing Graduation (ISNG) in some hospitals in Bavaria, Germany for those qualified nursing applicants.

“When we were started to look at nursing schools in the Philippines, I first went to bigger universities that offer Nursing. I also went to some famous universities like University of Santo Tomas, but we had the feeling that it is better to go to smaller universities to give this offer as well.” Dr. Koepingger said in an interview.

“So, I asked the training to be standardized from CHED, so they should do the same quality of training throughout, to give smaller universities outside the big cities advantage to establish relations and earn trust and confidence. I asked who’s working from CHED as an evaluator; she recommended Urdaneta City University,” he added.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is a political organization that promotes European integration, intensification of transatlantic relations and development cooperation all over the world which is linked to the German Hospital Company ‘Mittelbayerisches Rehabilitationszentrum’ (MBRZ), a recognized institution that offers training facility and unlimited job opportunities in Germany and other countries in Europe.

Registered nurses and students from UCU-CoN joined in the general orientation program conducted by the UCU administration under the guidance of university president Dr. Elizabeth A. Montero and faculty members of CoN, held on December 10, at the University Cafeteria.

Dr. Koepingger discussed the framework of the said training program.

The offer includes 4-6-year contractual period and the pre-financing of MBRZ for the full time German language courses, 6,000 pesos per month assistance for living during full-time language training, travel costs, housing costs, and 5-year practical work as fully accredited nurses in Germany with full tariff salaries minus small monthly subtraction for repayment of the pre-financing period.

After the basic German language courses, qualified applicants will undergo examinations designed explicitly for the language needs of the nurses.

Also, qualified applicants shall undertake further education of nurses, preparing them for the German Nurses Graduation which will take six months.

Nurses will receive the same type of labor contracts as other German nurses, including protection against lay-off, health and pension insurances and a starting salary of about 2,600 € (Euro) or almost P157,000 in Philippine currency.

Moreover, after the end of the contractual period, qualified nurses will be free to return to the Philippines or continue working as regular nurses with all rights and benefits like their German colleagues.

The project also aims to decrease the unemployment and underemployment rate of registered nurses in the country.

The dean of the CoN, Dr. Zosima Garin said, “The UCU is very lucky because we have German partners who will be assisting our BSN graduates to land a job in Germany with no cost.”

“And of course, this is only the first batch of nurses who will be going to Germany, and this project will continue in more years to come. It will help a lot of nursing graduates of our institution, so we look forward to having the partnership with these German people,” she added.

“We became motivated, and of course, as fourth-year students, we become more eager to graduate this year, and we believe we can do it.” Carolyn Tomboc, BSN-IV student, expressing her insights about the event.

The aspiring applicants for the training program will undergo an interview with Dr. Koeppinger on December 11-12, 2018.#

Photos by James Robert Canlas & BA Comm students