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UCU-COP hosts Red Cross, Apothec students participates in bloodletting

In observance of Blood Disease Month, the Apothecary Society of the UCU-College of Pharmacy participated in a bloodletting activity in collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross on September 14, 2023 held at the UCU Mock Hospital.  



Exemplifying the Apothecary Society’s dedication to the community’s well-being, the principles of 5 A’s: Ask, Assist, Assess, Acquire, and Achieve were instilled to the participants while in action, as a guiding measure for the endeavor’s impact and success.  

ASK: Students were invited and encouraged to donate blood, and the student-participants of the College of Pharmacy spared no effort in spreading awareness about the significance of the endeavor.


ASSIST: The student-participants offered assistance to the personnel of the Philippine Red Cross in performing the bloodletting procedure, working in collaboration to ensure the endeavor’s smooth execution.


ASSESS: Blood donors received food as a token of appreciation to their willingness and contribution.


ACQUIRE: Post-treatment and after care were performed by a dedicated team of student-participants to donors who got queasy or unaccustomed to bleeding.


ACHIEVE: For the duration of the event, the Apothecary Society was able to collect 103 blood bags for the Philippine Red Cross, which will be of great aid to those in need.


The bloodletting activity not only celebrated the spirit of giving but also highlighted Pharmacy students’ commitment to healthcare and betterment of the community. As future Pharmacists, their initiatives echoed the Apothecary Society’s pledge to continue making a difference in the lives of their countrymen.