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The Elevated Path

The road that leads to greatness starts with a map drawn with passion, commitment, and hard work. This holds true in an institution that strives to be an apex of excellence and haven of character-building. In this time of uncertainty, loyalty to duty, commitment to excel, and devotion to service seem to wane in the boundless sea of personal interests. In such circumstances, each member of the institution – each individual’s efforts and dedication –  is integral to achieve one greater cause. 


However, soaring to the greater heights is never an easy task. It entails challenges to actualize the founding purpose and development goals of the institution. In its continuous pursuit of academic excellence and professional competence, the Urdaneta City University launches the themes for a 6-year plan entitled "The Elevated Path." 


The Elevated Path is a set of guiding principles designed to drive the university undertakings, events, programs, activities, and community members in achieving a common goal. Along with the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives, and the Four Core Values, The Elevated Path comprises the Six Noble Principles, namely: Elevating Perspectives, Cultivating Change, Activating Potentials, Accelerating Progress, Innovating Standards, and Transcending Limitations. These Six Noble Principles will be a compass for creating plans, setting goals and objectives, making decisions, and assessing services in the next six years. 


While UCU acknowledges the diversity and differences within its community, the University trusts that The Elevated Path will direct everyone to submit oneself in the spirit of service. This set of principles will serve as a propelling power to create a meaningful impact and bring significant reforms in the years to come. Through The Elevated Path, we will reach greater heights and transcend beyond our existing efforts. 









The year 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade, and as such, the world was optimistic about embracing new opportunities, possibilities, and transitions. But as we have been traversing the year, a global pandemic known as the COVID-19 struck unexpectedly, altering the way of life in all walks of life. This has posed a plethora of lingering challenges that changed our views on how we see things and gave us a new perspective of living. Now, 2021 holds the hope of recovering from the wounds of the pandemic and, at the same time, facing the challenges of the future through lessons learned. 


Urdaneta City University believes that despite last year's setbacks and challenges, the academic community will continue to make a difference by elevating its perspectives towards a brighter future. Each crisis is an opportunity to recalibrate ways, redefine steps, and redirect actions to positively and significantly impact the community.


UCUians who have elevated perspectives see the world with brand new eyes and view every situation from a different point of view.  These perspectives guide them to envision for greatness, soar at the greater heights, and create a legacy of excellence. Elevated perspectives imbue people with the will to make change happen. Individuals who reflect on the previous years' lessons and make wiser decisions at present. They see every challenge as an opportunity to grow as an individual and improve ways for others. 


A UCUian with elevated perspectives redirects himself/herself to a new world of possibilities, deviates from the traditional, and conquers boundaries. He/she does not settle for accustomed ways and explores various means to respond to changing times. One who thinks critically and progressively and takes criticism as a springboard to do better things in the future. A person committed to creating a meaningful and purposeful life and uses it to make an impact and a difference in other people's lives. 


UCU believes that our community has sown the conditions in which we are now prepared to go beyond our struggles with elevated perspectives and bring a significant transformation in the years ahead through quality education for all. 








Institutional development is not instantaneous; it is built through knowledge revolution and significant breakthroughs brought by the only permanent thing in this world - change.  Educational institutions faced one, if not the greatest, of its challenges, that is, transitioning from traditional face-to-face classes to online classes, and formulating new learning modalities and teaching techniques, among others.  Indeed, the pandemic has pushed academes to take immediate actions possible for adaption therewith. 


As Urdaneta City University shifts its perspective, in 2022, it hopes to spark the transformation necessary for the actualization of our new vision with the theme: “Cultivating Change.”  The theme essentially lays the groundwork for the continuous discovery and exploration of the best possible solutions for the community's emerging needs towards genuine development and social change. As UCU acknowledges that change is a key for growth, it also recognizes that obstacles may hinder the progress it aspires to achieve. UCU prides itself in guaranteeing that it is prepared to adapt and restructure should the need arise and if circumstances call for it.


The 2022 theme highlights a deer, which is famously known for its gentleness, sensitivity, and intuitiveness.  Deers are among the gentlest creatures in the animal kingdom.  It is their gentleness that makes deers vulnerable, a perfect prey for larger animals. They are challenged by the constant danger of the wild and yet they still thrive despite the uncertainties of survival.  Deers' sensitivity and intuitiveness make them adapt easily to changes in their environment and exist in most types of ecosystems.  They can navigate through life and obstacles with grace and come out stronger.  They prove that it is not only the strongest nor the most intelligent species that survive, but also the ones that are most responsive to changes.

Urdaneta City University acts with the deer’s characteristics — being gentle and compassionate towards the students, faculty, and staff, being sensitive to their different circumstances, and being intuitive as to the revolutionary changes needed in the system of education — in catering to the academic needs of our students, for the continuity of quality education, while enduring various obstacles far beyond our will.


After shifting its perspectives last year, UCU hopes to spark further transformation with its 2022 theme.  UCU is set to sow seeds of change and make a positive difference by empowering its community members in spearheading innovations while building on traditions of excellence.


UCU has faith in the limitless possibilities of human potential in shaping a sustainable nation, and a brighter and more harmonious future for all of us.

Together, we make positive change happen. Together, we make a difference.







The ability to know your strengths is to recognize your weaknesses. Acknowledging limitations is one of the keys to activate one’s greatest potentials. But one’s potential could only materialize when one allows it to, incorporated with continuous effort. 


Urdaneta City University trusts that activating the potentials of its student body and workforce is one of the factors of a thriving academic community. With this, the university enters the new year with the theme, “ACTIVATING POTENTIALS.”


To achieve this goal, UCU aims to identify the successes and strengths, lapses and flaws, and the areas for improvement from the previous years. Also, identifying the needs and processes to bring out these potentials is one of the main agendas of the university. Empowerment of the academic community through different university involvements, off-campus extension programs, and national linkages will be one of the highlights as well. Afterwards, UCU believes that providing support to facilitate growth, and providing avenues for holistic development are essential for a remarkable accomplishment.


UCU is enthusiastic in fulfilling another great milestone, anchored in the university’s vision-mission and four core values, towards a bright future. 







Urdaneta City University is ready to embark on its 58th year with the theme “Accelerating Progress.” UCU, as an institution, believes that one should not settle for mediocrity. Hence, we will uphold excellence by continuously striving for progress while ensuring that the development we aspire to achieve is sustainable. Steered by the four core values and the spirit of nobility, the University will nurture the advancement needed to provide better service within and outside our community.


2024 will be a year of breakthroughs for UCU as it works on refining its efforts to deliver efficient services, quality instruction, and forge valuable community partnerships. 


We aim to fully automate transactions within the University for a student-friendly and streamlined process. UCU will be equipped with facilities and assure its maintenance along with maximizing our existing resources and assets to guarantee that students are accorded with the essential knowledge and skills they need to excel in their respective fields. Constituent of this goal is to require graduate studies among the ranks of the faculty and be steadfast in providing support in their professional endeavors by establishing opportunities for development through seminars on instruction and pedagogy. Linkages outside the University will be strengthened and secure beneficial outcomes from international academic partnerships. 


UCU will fortify its commitment in fulfilling its mission and vision by extending our community involvement in the services that we offer within the University. As such, UCU will dedicate enough resources to establish an online library that offers a wide-range of faculty-made learning materials accessible to the youth outside the University. Finally, as a token for its 58th year, UCU will aim to be globally competitive by aligning our policies and programs with the blueprint provided by the ASEAN integration to assure bigger opportunities for the student body. 


These advancements, among others, will become Urdaneta City University’s hallmarks as it accelerates to progress and sets higher standards. 








Standard is what separates quality from mediocrity. It is used to identify something exceptional from something that lacks in substance. It lays the groundwork for institutional and professional development and directs everyone to continue the culture of excellence. 


Urdaneta City University is transitioning to another decade of academic excellence as it marks its 59th year. As it ventures this another milestone, the university will continue igniting the flame of quality education and excellent service by innovating its standards this year. 


UCU sets the bar high by redefining its policies, guidelines, and services that are relevant in the context of time. The university aims to step into another ladder of academic innovation by upgrading professional development opportunities, instruction, and curricula. In this way, UCU professors, students, and graduates are expected to be dynamic and globally-oriented members of the society.


UCU values the importance of teamwork that will boost morale and increase trust level among its community members. As such, all members will be pulled together to achieve a common goal. This allows new ideas and principles to emerge that lead to continuous innovation and development. 


The university expands a broad range of stakeholders, linkages and industry partners to gain more understanding, support, and input that will raise the educational and service standards it offers. 


Lastly, the university will continue to uphold and cascade its branding which is anchored by the philosophy and ideals of its founding father, Dr. Pedro T. Orata. The branding that serves as a hallmark of quality education and legacy of excellence. 


UCU is now set to go beyond its status quo and conquer boundaries. Through elevated standards, we are ready to navigate our future through the sea of limitless possibilities. 








Self-mastery. Self-actualization. Self-worth. The going beyond the self, for the self and for others; doing more than what we can and what we already achieved to do, these are what Urdaneta City University aims to highlight in celebration of its 60th year. With the theme, “TRANSCENDING LIMITATIONS,” the university believes that we are ready to go beyond our limits, and what we have already established as an academic community. 


For the past six decades, UCU proved its undying worth through the myriad of achievements, both academics and community involvement. UCU has flourished, from a small community college into a premiere academic hub that is committed to character formation, knowledge advancement,  and skills development. UCU has been devoted to its goal of thriving excellence and quality education for all in all walks of life. This year, UCU remains true and unwavering to this commitment with the aim to be more and do more in the service of others. 


Hence, the university proposes the following plans: (1) UCU Open University in order to reach out other students who need a more flexible time and other modes of learning; (2) benchmarking in other universities and from other universities for academic advancement; (3) and international linkages for expansion and growth. 


With a bright future in mind, UCU looks forward and onward to accomplish these platforms this year.