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Student Services

  1. Guidance Services


The Psychological Assessment and Counseling Center caters services and design programs for the enhancement and development of an individual. It specifically guides the students to have a better and more productive way of living. The following below are their services to offer:


Information Service. This service provides adequate and substantial information related to personal, psychological, social, and educational fields.


Individual Inventory Service. This gathers all reliable data, information and records to assemble and compile them for functional use. It also acquaints students with their own characteristics, status, and progress which make them discover themselves thus, making use of these information for intelligent decision-making according to their intent, experience, and needs.


Counseling Service. This is considered as the “heart” of the guidance program. It is designed to facilitate self-understanding and self-development through face to face interaction. This person to person relationship focuses on personal development and decision making based on self-understanding and self-awareness.


Referral Service. This service involves responding and providing appropriate actions to referrals made by parents, faculty, other personnel, and students.


Testing Service. This service is designed to secure accurate information about each students’ abilities, aptitude, interest and personal characteristics in order to assist the students gain increasing self– knowledge and understanding of these capacities in as many aspects of their life and career as possible.


Career Guidance and Placement Service. This service offers facilitation of students’ movement to the appropriate educational or occupational level or program in pursuit of further education or employment upon leaving the organization.


Orientation Service. This service involves conducting an orientation program for the benefit of new students to acquire the necessary knowledge about the new school, its rules and regulations. This helps students to make adjustments to feel a sense of security and belongingness.


Follow-up Service. This service helps determine the status of students who received assistance and maintain contact with graduates. It also determines the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of its clientele.



Scholarship Grants


The Center for Student Leadership and Development is one of the vital arms of the University that upholds the ideals of student development through various opportunities. One huge opportunity it offers are the scholarship programs. Below are the types of scholarships and their corresponding requirements.




  • Application Form (Provided by CSLD)
  • 2x2 and 1x1 picture (white background)
  • Form 137/138 (for first year students)
  • Previous grades with at least 81% (for old students)*
  • Registration Form



TYPE OF SCHOLARSHIP                                                        TUITION WAIVED


  1. UCU-SP Educational Grant                                                    100%  

                        Additional Requirement:

                        Endorsement letter from sponsoring SP official


Student must have a grade weighted average (GWA) of 81* with no failed/ dropped/incomplete marks.


  1. Service Scholarships
  1. Student Assistants 100%


                        Additional Requirements:

  • A letter of Intent duly signed by the parent or guardian
  • Certificate of Indigency
  • Barangay Clearance


  1. Athletes, Performing Arts and Cultural Scholars

                        4 years of service        100%   2 years of service        50%

                        3 years of service        75%     1 year of service         25%

                        Additional Requirements:

  • Endorsement letter from the adviser/duly signed by the respective College Dean
  • Copy of the official list of members


Note: Students who are scholars under this program who shall FAIL OR DROP 35% of his enrolled subjects shall be automatically deloaded or can only enroll a maximum of 18 units for the next semester.


Provided, such scholar shall not have filed a major offense or committed any offense within the University or in any official function or supervised activities fully documented or such complaint shall be in written form duly acknowledged by proper authorities.



  1. Sangguniang Kabataan Scholarship (Applicable only to SK Officials of Urdaneta City)


                         SK Chairman                                                              100%

                        SK Kagawad                                                                 50%


                        Additional Requirements:

  • Certification from DILG
  • Oath of Office


Student must have a grade weighted average (GWA) of 81* with no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.


  1. Barangay Official Scholarship                                                            50%


            Shall be open only to Urdaneta City barangay officials themselves or their spouses and/or children.


Additional Requirements:

  • PSA Birth certificate / marriage contract
  • Oath of Office


Embodied on Resolution No. 288 s. 2011 subject to revisions.


  1. Loyalty Benefit


Only one (1) student shall claim the loyalty benefit in the following manner:

                        No. of Family members:

                                    2                                                                      25%

                                    3                                                                     50%

                                    4                                                                     75%


                        Additional Requirement:

  • Birth certificates of all enrolled siblings and parent or guardian


Applies to brothers and sisters or parents and children who are simultaneously enrolled in the university in one semester. The student who will avail of the benefit must have no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.


  1. UCU Student Council President                                             100%  


                        Additional Requirements:

  • Certification from SC Adviser duly noted by the Director of CSLD and signed by the University President
  • Oath of Office


Student must have a grade weighted average (GWA) of 81* with no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.



  1. Editorial Board Scholarship                           

                        Editor-in-Chief                                                             100%

                        Associate editor                                                          50%

                        Section editor                                                              25%    

                        Editorial Board Members                                            25%


                        Additional Requirements:

  • Endorsement letter from the publication adviser

                                    duly noted by the Director of CSLD

  • Official list of members from the adviser
  • Copy of the publication


  1. Urdaneta City Elected Officials                                               100%

            University employees (Permanent)                                        100%

            University employees (Casual/Part-time        )                       50%

            Urdaneta City Government employees (2 years in service)  50%

            Government Employees outside Urdaneta City                     20%


                        Additional Requirements:

  • Service Record from HRMO
  • PSA Birth Certificate (for employee’s children)


Student must have a grade weighted average (GWA) of 81* with no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.


Embodied in Resolution No. 223 s. 2008 subject to revisions. In Art. 10 no. 4, the grantee should be limited to one, which could either be an employee or his child dependent. As per university employees, the grantee should be limited to two either the employee or his dependents.


  1. Beneficiaries of Urdaneta City PNP/ BJMP/BFP/AFP, etc.     25%  

                        Additional Requirements:

  • Service Record of parent from Urdaneta City HCMO (permanent status)
  • PSA Birth Certificate


The student must have no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.


  1. AFPEBS-UCU Educational Benefit Program                         100%                                      


Additional Requirements:

  • Certification from AFP
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Submission of clear copy of the check paid by AFP as proof of payment


  1. Alternative Learning System (top 3 slots)                              100%


Additional Requirements:

  • Endorsement from DepEd indicating the rank obtained
  • Certification


  1. Alumni Scholarship


Additional Requirement:

  • Recommendation letter from the Alumni President


Student must have no failed/dropped/incomplete marks.


Note: The percentage of scholarship shall be determined by the Alumni Association.


  1. Person with Disability Benefit                                                 20%    


                        Additional Requirements:

  • Letter of Recommendation from the CSWD
  • Photocopy of the PWD ID issued by the CSWD


  1. DepEd Teachers (within Urdaneta City University)                25%



Below are the Procedures in Applying for Scholarship:


  1. Secure application form at the CSLD
  2. Submission of documentary requirements
  3. Validation of documents and initial interview by the scholarship coordinator
  4. Approval by the University President of all applications recommended by the Director
  5. Release of the claim stubs to be presented to the Accounting Office for the necessary discount


Note: Incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed and will be marked pending on the list of the scholarship coordinator.


Grantee can only avail of one scholarship grant, at his preference or whichever is highly beneficial to him. Finally, unless otherwise stated, all above-mentioned scholarships must be renewed every semester.



Clinical Services


The University Clinic caters to the medical and dental needs of both the student body and the working force. The following are the services that this office offers:


  1. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  2. Blood Sugar Monitoring
  3. Medical Consultation
  4. Dispensing Of Medicine
  5. Medical/Dental Check Up
  6. Medical/Dental Examination
  7. Body Mass Index Monitoring
  8. Hepatitis B Screening
  9. Hepatitis B Vaccination
  10. Medical Certificate Issuance
  11. Pregnancy Test for Women (On-The-Job Training)



Registrar’s Services


  1. Issuance of School Credentials

Students who wish to request for their Transcript of Records or Certifications can directly proceed to the Registrar’s Office. If the student concerned cannot personally process the request due to valid reasons, he or she may send a representative, whether a relative or a close friend, provided that an authorization letter duly-signed by the concerned student is presented. In case of unavailability of any representative, the concerned student may contact his or her respective college for help. The college secretary will then process the student’s request.

  1. Application for Certification, Authentication, and Verification (CAV) of Scholastic Records

The same procedures mentioned on the issuance of Transcript of Records and Certifications will also apply for the processing of these documents. Appointments will be set upon the scheduled release date of the requested documents. These usually take 10 – 15 working days.


Library Services

The Dr. Pedro T. Orata Learning Resource Center is an essential element in Urdaneta City University that offers learning materials to its clientele and stakeholders. Their services, in the time of pandemic, expand through online libraries. Check out their services as follows:

  1. Britannica Academic, which the Dr. Pedro T. Orata Learning Resource Center currently subscribed to,  is an online resource containing accurate, current, and comprehensive resources for college-level learners, researchers, and faculty. Access the link through


  1. The online services to in borrowing of books can now be  accessed through