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Christmas Bazaar brings yuletide season’s hype



Holiday season for UCUians has been made more fun and exciting as the University opens the Christmas Bazaar 2022 imbibing a Filipino tradition of the longest yuletide celebration around the world.


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University top officials headed by the Chief Operating Officer and OIC University President Atty. Dar A. Diga officially opened the Christmas Bazaar through a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 7, 2022.


The bazaar housed 22 stalls offering a variety of products which include clothing, commercial goods,  and stellar selections of food and refreshments. More than just a food hub, the bazaar also provides an al fresco dining experience and stages different performances for students and employees.


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It can be recalled that way back in 2019, the first-ever Christmas Bazaar was launched at UCU and is now making its comeback after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. CSLD Director Dr. Nholy U. Domenden expressed his thoughts about the reopening of the bazaar this year.




“It used to be an annual event of the university but because of the pandemic, we’re not able to do it for two consecutive years. Nonetheless, we are excited to have it once again this 2022. We have a lot of activities in store for our students,” he said.


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The UCU Christmas Bazaar will run operational until December 21 and is expected to host a variety of activities which include singing and dance competitions, live performances, and more.