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IT educators convene for PSITE assembly

In an effort to bolster digital resilience and equip educators with the latest tools and knowledge in cybersecurity, information technology educators in the Ilocos Region convened for the regional assembly 2023, tackling cybersecurity issues at the University Cafeteria on May 12, 2023.




The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators Region 1 (PSITE R1), in partnership with the Trend Micro Philippines and the VST ECS, organized a plenary session hosted by the College of Information and Technology Education that focused on addressing the emerging challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.




Mr. Rodel Villarez, Senior Project Manager Trend Micro Philippines, highlighted the growing significance of cybersecurity education and the role educators play in instilling a culture of responsible online behavior. He also tackled related topics on cybersecurity such as threat intelligence, data privacy, secure coding practices, network security, and incident response.




After the discussion, IT educators and specialists shared their best practices and insights on cybersecurity and the need for educators to stay ahead of the curve in order to guide and prepare students for a digital future effectively.


Moreover, PSITE R1 President Dr. Alvin R. Malicdem, laid down the accomplishments of the organization for the entire year.




PSITE R1 announced plans to undertake initiatives where IT educators can continue the dialogue, exchange resources, and collaborate beyond the event, ensuring ongoing support and professional development in the field of information technology.