MIS upgrades online systems :: Urdaneta City University

MIS upgrades online systems

URDANETA CITY, August 2021- At the height of disease prevention, Urdaneta City University - Management and Information Systems (UCU MIS+) has made significant upgrades in the existing university online systems to support online-based services for students and clients.


Screenshot of Online Contact Tracing system

Among these developments is the Online Contact Tracing System that allows information gathering from students and visitors going to the university for their transactions.


"The university can screen students and visitors who wish to enter the university, and identify whether they are allowed to enter within the school's premises, or they could be catered outside," said Jomer Glenn Carig, MIS system developer, on the installation of the said system.


The system resembles a popular online-based data gathering tool that collects visitors' basic information, date of visitation, present medical condition, and travel history.


"This [system] allows users to fill up their health declaration form ahead of time and also schedule their visit at the university. Through this, we can limit the number of people in the university and support disease control and prevention," Carig emphasized.


The Online Contact Tracing System was first utilized by the graduating students who had to be physically present in the university for their graduation pictorial.


Meanwhile, UCU-MIS+ has also modified other online services, such as the enrollment system that supports the online enrollment process to be accessible without going to school.


The University Learning Management System- iKonek and the UCU Portal [servers] have also been upgraded to accommodate a large number of users and store a huge amount of data without inconvenience.

Online services upgraded with Dell EMC Poweredge R540 Servers with 20 Cores Processor on a 10-Gigabit Network 

The said upgrades and enhancements are part of the continuous development of the university's online resources to provide better service to students in the changing educational landscape.