UCU conducts first virtual graduation :: Urdaneta City University
Atty. Dar A. Diga presents the graduates of Bachelor of Elementary Education

It has been a commendable success as Urdaneta City University held its first virtual graduation for its 68th commencement exercise in response to the guidelines of IATF on March 20, 2021. 

UCU conferred degrees to a total of 1,045 graduates scheduled in two batches: Batch 1 was attended by the graduates of Institute of Graduate and Advanced Studies; College of Law; College of Criminal Justice Education; College of Teacher Education; College of Hospitality and Tourism Management; College of Engineering and Architecture; College of Human Sciences, and College of Arts and Sciences.

Meanwhile, Batch 2 was attended by the graduates from College of Business Management and Accountancy; College of Health Sciences; College of Pharmacy; and College of Information and Technology Education. Also, 12 midyear 2019 graduates were also recognized in the said commencement exercises.


Hon. Rammy F. Parayno III shares his words of inspiration to all graduating students.

Hon. Julio “Rammy” F. Parayno III, City Mayor of Urdaneta, attended the ceremony and celebrated the UCUian graduates with these words of motivation, “It is about time for you to liberate, and not to be enslaved by the circumstances. And for that, with the preparations that you have for the last so many years, this will put you to a different perspective by reshaping the initiative of your capacity, then probably will be able to have a better, a different horizon of success.” 

In view of the university’s theme for this year, “PARMATA: Elevating Perspectives in Shaping Greater Opportunities,” the UCU administration, headed by Atty. Diga, encouraged the graduates to continuously battle against the challenges and demands of their circumstances with resilience, determination, and hope, especially these trying times, upholding the ideals and characteristics of a true UCUian. 

Atty. Diga also addressed the graduates with this advice, “I am here standing before you, to encourage every individual to not only be successful but also a significant member of the community. Bukod sa maging matagumpay, maging makabuluhan,” to inspire them as they take the next step in their life journey. 

The response of the graduates in Batch 1 was given by Ms. May Grace M. Ballesteros, a graduate in Doctor of Education major in Educational Management quoting, “Urdaneta City University has been a bridge that helped us to reach our goals and responsibilities as educators in order to give quality education among our students. The knowledge we have obtained has shaped and molded us into an effective person that could create impactful difference and innovation in the educational sector.” 

Noel A. Lumanog, BS Nursing Graduate and awardee, represents the batch 2020 as he shares his hopes for all graduates and for the UCU Community.

The graduates scheduled in batch 2 was represented by Mr. Noel L. Lumanog, a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, giving this statement, “Rest assured that this batch of graduates is more than a group of young minds with diplomas. We guarantee you that we will be the new set of young professionals who will prepare our city and nation as a whole toward economic and civic progress for the benefit of the general public. More importantly, you can expect from us what is reflected in the university’s vision. We will make ourselves morally upright and globally competitive in our chosen field every step of the way.”

After this graduation, UCU is set to prepare for the next installment of 69th Commencement Exercises in the midyear of 2021. #


-Joanne Lorraine L. Puga