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UCU marks its 57th anniversary in tribute and thanksgiving

It has been a tradition for Urdaneta City University to mark an academic milestone with gratitude. As UCU launched its 57th Founding Anniversary celebration on February 28, 2023, which lasted five days, a wreath-laying and tribute ceremony was held for the man whose vision changed it all, Dr. Pedro T. Orata, altogether attended by the officials, personnel, and students, at the University Quadrangle. 




"It is indeed a privilege to walk along the pathway which has been established by our founder, Dr. Pedro T. Orata," expressed Dr. Amihan April C. Mella-Alcazar, the Acting University President, in her opening speech, reflected on the great sacrifice Orata made for UCU. 


"He had a vision of country-wide development initiated through quality education available and accessible to those who would otherwise not in proximate to the centers of learning providing quality education," Dr. Alcazar added. 




The Administration, Heads of Offices, and College Deans all paid their respect by offering  flower wreaths to Dr. Orata’s bust, situated at Orata park. Chosen CCJE students lifted the University colors, as the UCU Drum and Bugle and La Casa productions entertained the crowd. 


A Thanksgiving Mass was also held at the University Gymnasium, presided by Rev. Joel F. Inson. He emphasized the significance of prayer, and how the impact of being prayerful contributed to UCU's academic excellence. He urged the community to always pray, "I hope we always pray. God listens and hears our prayers."



Wrapping up the morning launch of the five-day celebration, a Solidarity Lunch was shared among all employees, each department and college bringing in food in form of “potlocks.” There were dancing and singing performances among personnel right after the lunch, evident that one of UCU’s identities is shown through harmonious relations with one another. Indeed, the greatest of all celebrations is the one we celebrate with one goal and one heart.