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UCUians thrill in Zumba Camp

Students and faculty members of Urdaneta City University electrified the University Gymnasium with their Zumba moves in celebration of the 57th Founding Anniversary, March 3, 2023.




The Zumba Camp was organized by the Foundation Committee to provide a break from the stress of work and academics for the university's community.




With its high energy, upbeat music, and infectious moves, the Zumba dance workout provided a fun and engaging way for the participants to stay fit and healthy while enjoying the company of their colleagues and peers.




More than 100 people worked out for almost three hours to upbeat music and dancing movements instructed by Zumba professionals.




The gymnasium was transformed into a vibrant, colorful dance floor, with participants dressed in brightly colored workout clothes and comfortable sneakers, ready to sweat it out and groove to the music.


Participants at the Zumba Camp reported that the event relieved stress and energized them for the rest of the day. Many students and faculty members expressed gratitude to socialize with their classmates and colleagues outside of the classroom.


The Zumba Camp became a success, and it served as a reminder of how essential it is to stay healthy and active, especially in these challenging times.