CEA presents research project at e-Society 2022 :: Urdaneta City University

CEA presents research project at e-Society 2022

Faculty members of the College of Engineering and Architecture successfully presented their research paper during the 20th International Conference on e-Society on March 12-14, 2022 via Zoom Meeting.




Prof. Richard Myrick Arellaga, Engr. Jermine V. Dacanay, Engr. Rhealyn B. Valenzuela, Mr. Melvin F. Ellorin, and Mr. Jose Alberto D. Pataweg stood in front of international and local attendees with their paper entitled, "Integration of Quick-Response (QR) Code for Agricultural Product Tariff Collection and Virtual Payment Transactions."


The researchers tackled the development of an automated tariff payment collection system for agricultural products making transactions cashless and contactless particularly at Urdaneta Bagsakan Market. The system automates the tariff collection and produces real-time reporting. 




It utilizes a mobile application that enables traders to generate a Quick-response (QR) code that shall be used in all transactions. The app also automates the valuation and assessment of agricultural products, and allows tariff computation. 


Further, the system provides users two (2) payment options: (1) payment using electronic wallet load, and (2) by using an account card for first-time users without prior registration as a market trader. Another essential feature of the application is the electronic wallet that holds an amount of digital or e-money that can be loaded for tariff payment transactions. 


All transactions will be validated by a cashiering system administered by market administrators and staff.  The cashiering system will also perform functions such as providing support in loading the trader's app electronic wallet and assisting to new trader’s transactions. 


The researchers recommend the development and adoption of the said tariff collection system to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in all government financial transactions and secure revenues particularly at Urdaneta Bagsakan Market. 





The said conference was organized by the International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS) which aimed at addressing main issues of concern within the Information Society through research.