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New UCU officials designated

Through a series of memoranda signed by the Board of Regents Chair and City Mayor Julio “Rammy” Parayno III, new university officials have been designated to perform different academic and administrative functions in the university effective on February 14, 2022.


Dr. Racquel D. Pascua

Dr. Racquel D. Pascua, former director of the Center for Internal Affairs and Linkages, has been designated as the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) for the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Dr. Pascua will supervise all administrative units and will exercise supervision over finance and general services in the university. 


Dr. Josephine S. Lambinicio


Dr. Josephine S. Lambinicio, director of the Center for Research and Development, is also the new OIC of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Lambinicio reascends to the position after Dr. Noel L. Guevara served the office for almost three years. She is no new with educational policies and trends of academic programs in the University.


Dr. Easter B. Belandres


Dr. Easter B. Belandres sits as the OIC Chair of the Center for Innovation and Quality Management (CIQM). Along with her function as the director of the Center for Training and Professional Development, she will supervise the activities concerning quality assurance, planning, and control to maintain institutional service effectiveness and efficiency. 


Dr. Sonny Soriano


After Dr. Pascua vacated the directorship of the Center for Internal Affairs and Linkages, Dr. Sonny Soriano will succeed and continue the ventures of the office. Soriano is also a professor in the Institute of Graduate and Advanced Studies in the University.


Dr. Ryan Jayson V. Delos Reyes


Meanwhile, Dr. Ryan Jayson V. Delos Reyes is now leading the College of Teacher Education as its OIC Dean. He assumes the position after former dean Dr. Prescila I. Marcelo retired this year.


Dr. Marcelo P. Villaluna


Dr. Marcelo P. Villaluna, faculty member of the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, will join Dr. Belandes in the Center for Quality Management as her Executive Assistant.


These designations were made to ensure the continuous and efficient delivery of services among clients of the university