CHO spreads HIV awareness :: Urdaneta City University

CHO spreads HIV awareness

Urdaneta City City Health Office (CHO) joined in the worldwide campaign against HIV/AIDS infection in a symposium at the Balikbayan Hall, on December 1, 2022.




CHO employees, members of LGBTQIA Urdaneta, and Miss Gay Urdaneta 2022 hopefuls convened for the observance of World AIDS Day through a series of talks promoting awareness and boosting efforts to combat HIV/AIDS infection.


Mr. Elmer Jacob, Social Hygiene Clinic Nurse, gave an overview of the accelerated global response against the spread of HIV/AIDS which is called the 95-95-95 goal.


“The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for a 95-95-95 goal meaning 95% of the people living with HIV (PLHIV) should be tested, 95% of the confirmed cases should receive a sustained Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), and 95% of people enrolled in ART will have viral suppression by 2025,” he explained. 




Further, Jacob encouraged the public to take part in reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases through education.




“HIV/AIDS campaign, particularly World Aids Day, nagbibigay po ito ng information sa publiko not only STIs, not only about HIV but AIDS itself. Follow the ABCDE rule—  abstinence, be mutually faithful, always use condoms, do not use drugs, and educate yourself,” he remarked.




“Educating yourself meaning mas marami kang alam kung paano iiwasan ang HIV. Early prevention means good prognosis,” he added.


The program ended with a candle-lighting ceremony commemorating those who have lost their lives because of AIDS and honoring people who assist PLHIV.