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College of Law celebrates Societas Night



To further strengthen the unity and comradeship among students and professors, the College of Law through the Societas Lex Scholasticus (SLS) held its first-ever Societas Night on December 17, 2022, at University Gymnasium.




“Some students responded to the call to form this student organization. We gained acceptance and recognition only this September. As they say, we are here united as one community,” SLS adviser Atty. Leopoldo C. De Vera Jr. said in an opening speech pointing out the establishment of the organization in the university.


The event marked the beginning and solidification of a strong bond among the students to achieve their life goals, and faithfully serve the county as lawyers and defender of justice. 


Atty. Dexter Tonnette Indasen, UCU's first bar passer, manned as the guest of honor and speaker who shared her experiences and insightful thoughts with future lawyers.




“What led me to the College of Law and eventually became a lawyer, is all about risk, patience, and determination. You must understand your capabilities, enhance what you have and complement it with hard work,” she remarked during her speech.


“I want you all to know, once you are into an endeavor, put all your efforts into that endeavor and come to fulfill it. One more thing, don’t forget our Lord above. What really works is your own faithful communication with him. If you know that you have already done your best, he will do the rest in his time,” she added.


The newly elected officers of the Societas Lex Scholasticus for the year 2022-2023 were inducted afterward led by the UCU’s first bar passer, Atty. Dexter Tonnette Indasen.


Meanwhile, Atty. Dar A. Diga, Chief Operating Officer, expressed his support for the endeavor.




“From the very beginning, you walk inside the College of Law, that’s the beginning of your preparation not only in the bar but of course with your own particular subject. Let us develop ourselves into our strength zone not within the comfort zone because if this is your comfort zone this is not your world,” he said.


Further, Atty. Samson E. Florendo, Dean of the College of Law, stressed the significance of perseverance in overcoming life's challenges.




“I would like to encourage each and everyone that there is no such thing as a shortcut in the College of Law. You have to study, study harder and study hardest. My fellow students, you are being prepared for greatness. Study hard and you will achieve your purpose in life. Success delayed is not success denied. It’s just a matter of time before you will reach the fruits of your labor. The night is young and so are we,” Florendo emphasized.


Societas Lex Scholasticus (Society of Legal Scholars in English) is a newly-installed student organization in the university composed of law students, which gained its recognition in September 2022.