CSLD, SC host leadership camp 2023 :: Urdaneta City University

CSLD, SC host leadership camp 2023




Urdaneta City University-Center for Student Leadership and Development in partnership with the University Student Council hosted the Leadership Camp 2023 on June 1-3, 2023 at the University Gymnasium, aimed at nurturing a new generation of leaders among the student community.


Anchored on the theme “Activating Excellent Leadership Potentials,” student leaders of different student organizations ignited their leadership potential as they were immersed in different interactive sessions led by different resource speakers from academia, industry, and public service.




The camp’s lined-up activities were designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in leadership roles and make a positive impact in their future careers and communities. Campers learned about excellent leadership styles, qualities, and values through the comprehensive lectures of Mr. Howell Mabalot and Mr. Khrys Laurence Bautista, respectively.


Prof. Eleuterio Sison guided the participants through interactive sessions on the inner workings of parliamentary systems and the art of drafting resolutions, developing leaders’ knowledge of governance, consensus-building, and the importance of diplomacy in decision-making processes.


One of the standout sessions during the camp was the "Mastering the Art of Letter Writing" workshop. Led by the CSLD director Dr. Nhorly U. Domenden, campers gained insights into crafting compelling and impactful letters for various purposes. They learned the art of effective persuasion, formal correspondence, and conveying ideas with clarity and eloquence.


Public speaking, a crucial skill for leaders, was given emphasis during the camp. Prof. Rhea Agibuay, a communication arts professor, led the discussion on the principles of public speaking techniques such as overcoming stage fright, delivering engaging speeches, and communicating effectively with different audiences.


Meanwhile, Prof. Mary Grace Bibat, head of the Events Management Office, talked about personality development, focusing on the holistic growth of students. Through interactive activities and self-reflection exercises, participants explored concepts such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal branding. These sessions helped students identify their strengths, understand their emotions, and develop strategies for continuous self-improvement.


Further, the camp also incorporated sessions on achieving a healthy physique led by Mr. Richard Fernandez. He initiated energizing workout sessions, including Zumba and yoga, promoting an active lifestyle and instilling a sense of discipline among student leaders.


The university is looking forward to organizing similar initiatives in the future, empowering more students to become exemplary leaders and change-makers