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CTPD hosts workshop for non-teaching personnel

To foster a culture of continuous improvement and promote work efficiency within the university, the Center for Training and Professional Development organized a workshop for non-teaching personnel on commitment review as activation of potentials on March 8-9, 2023 and March 15-16, 2023, at the University Gymnasium.




From the administrative staff to maintenance workers, their contributions are essential in ensuring that the university runs efficiently. This workshop is designed to help them better understand their roles and responsibilities within the university and to establish strategies to improve their performance.


Dr. Gleemore Make, Training Officer of the Center for Training and Professional Development, stressed the ideals that every employee should value.


“Integrity, competence, transcendence, teamwork, education for all at bright future starts here, ay mga prinsipyo lamang ho iyan, mga ideals, mga stars, mahirap abutin yet they are still practical. Kaya nga meron tayong kasabihan, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Maabot natin ito kung magpa practice lamang tayo. These ideals can be practiced and can be achieved,” he said.


Through a series of activities and group discussions, team members were able to openly and efficiently communicate with each other, emphasizing the significance of discipline and interconnection in completing the work more quickly and easily. Further, the teams expressed how these activities helped them develop critical thinking skills and actionable plans for making positive changes in their offices.


“And so definitely, the purpose of this competency training is for you to be able to discover among yourselves yung ano ang dapat na gawin ninyo para ma-align at ma-improve ang performance ninyo,” Dr. Raquel D. Pascua, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, reminding everybody to instill the core values of the University.


“We will be looking forward na pagkatapos nitong training, you will be able to accomplish your goal,” she added.










At its core, this commitment review workshop is about activating the potential of every non-teaching personnel in the university setting. Its far-reaching effects benefited everyone involved, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within the university.


Dr. Josephine S. Lambinicio, Vice President for Academic Affairs, expressed her gratitude to all non-teaching staff who attended the workshop, “Sana po sa trabaho natin, gampanan natin ng mahusay at kailangan nage-enjoy at happy lang sa work,” she remarked.