Peace Education continues through research ethics conference :: Urdaneta City University

Peace Education continues through research ethics conference

Continuing the peace education onset seminars, Urdaneta City University further conducted a three-day  International Ethics and Peace Education Conference (IEPEC) on August 10-12, 2022 with the theme, “Empowering Ethics and Peace Education,” through online and onsite platforms held at the UCU Cafeteria.




Senator Win Gatchalian, an advocate of education as the most powerful and effective weapon in transforming society, has been a guest of honor to the peace education conference remarking, “Ang pinakamahalagang sandata laban sa mga problema ay edukasyon.”


The three-day conference is in celebration of Global Ethics Day and International Day of Peace. This endeavor was sponsored by The Education Channel (TEC), in collaboration with Social Ethics Society (SES), Mindanao & Cor Jesu College, and American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN).




Aside from promoting excellent research within the UCU community, the conference also aims to make opportunities in inviting schools, organizations, scholars, teachers, students, and peacebuilders for a research-based partnership.