UCU Orientation on CHED scholarship programs :: Urdaneta City University

UCU Orientation on CHED scholarship programs

On August 10, 2022 representatives from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) conducted an orientation on matters of the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) and Tulong Dunong Program (TDP) scholarships for the qualified students of Urdaneta City University.


TES and TDP scholarships are generated by CHED for those Filipino students in tertiary education who lack enough resources in pursuing their degrees.




"I encourage our students to view this as a privilege, because not all are given access to higher education. And this is part of what is your privilege as scholars of the university,” implored Dr. Amihan April C. Mella-Alcazar, the Acting University President, grateful for the scholarship grants.




Furthermore, Dr. Alcazar congratulated the qualified UCUians for the said grants, “I would like to congratulate our students that you have been chosen as grantees, not all of our 16,000 students of UCU are given this privilege.”




CHED representatives critically discussed to the grantees what the scholarships entail, from their bases of qualification to the scope and limitations of the TES and TDP, by entertaining their queries after the orientation proper.




“We are very grateful for the Commission on Higher Education for helping our students, as it is understood that our students will keep their commitments in order to continue the success of these programs,” Dr. Josephine S. Lambinicio, the OIC for Academic Affairs stated, responding to the generosity and service of CHED.