UCU celebrates 71st graduation, hails six Latin honorees :: Urdaneta City University

UCU celebrates 71st graduation, hails six Latin honorees



Urdaneta City University celebrates its 3,465 graduates from the different colleges, respectively divided into three batches, during the 71st Commencement Exercises with the theme, “SEGDEN: Threading through Horizons with Ignited Infinite Potentials” held on August 15-17, 2023 at the Urdaneta City Cultural and Sports Complex.






Alongside these outstanding graduates were six students who obtained Latin honors, namely: Irish Wynn M. Garcia (BS Nursing) – Magna Cum Laude; Ryan Jay A. Fermo, (BS Information Technology) – Cum Laude; and four more Nursing Cum Laudes, namely: Bernaldo M. Antenor, Jr., Charles Darwin B. Flores, Jeffry Q. Magalong, and Dawn Meryll B. Domingo.


“As we transition to the next chapter of our lives, let us strive once more. Set your path, learn and relearn throughout the process, and do things at your own pace… let us bear in mind that the knowledge we gained must not be used for opportunistic reasons, but rather, for better life choices, helping other people, and contributing to our community…” Garcia addressed her fellow graduates in her address of petition.




Three distinguished guests of honor and speakers spoke before the graduates on moving forward in the new chapters ahead: Dr. Rogelio T. Galera, Jr., the Director of Administrative, Financial, and Management Services Division in the Commission on Higher Education – Central Office; Dr. Christine Nabor-Ferrer, the Director of Commission on Higher Education – Regional Office 1; and Hon. Joseph Victor “JV” G. Ejercito, Senator of the 19th Congress of the Philippine Republic.


“Today, graduates of Urdaneta City University, have made Walt Disney’s words a reality: all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” Dr. Rogelio T. Galera, Jr. warmly inspired the graduates of the first batch schedule, and pointed out how change is inevitable, and should be fearlessly embraced.




“When you wholeheartedly embrace change as an inevitable part of life, change becomes fuel for you to look for ways to make life better and more fulfilling. At one point, we must have to do things that are difficult, uncertain, and scary. And to embrace change is to accept that as individuals, we need to evolve and meet our vision, and to trust our instinct to make that progression,” Dr. Galera added.


Dr. Christine Nabor-Ferrer, the guest honor and speaker of the second batch, highlighted the role of the University in producing young minds with ignited potentials to brave the world.




“The great joy of this momentous occasion echoes the transformative journey of Urdaneta City University, from its origin as Urdaneta Community College, to its current role as a beacon of empowerment and educational excellence,” Ferrer said.


“My dear graduates, I want all of you to believe in the power of your dreams. Trust me, dreams do happen, at the right moment, at the right time, with the right attitude, and with the right preparation. As long as there are people who believe, support, and care for you, please, do not stop chasing your dreams,” Ferrer further emphasized the value of dreams and how to pursue them with the right heart and mind.




Hon. Joseph Victor “JV” G. Ejercito also shared that, “We may not be the best, but we must always give it our best, all the time,” in hope to instill to each one that everybody has the potential to be the best in what they do best.


Participated by the entire UCU community, another academic milestone has progressed, as the University’s mission to quality and excellent education continues, in hope to unceasingly ignite the path that leads to a bright future for our learners of today, and of tomorrow