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UCU pursues research excellence among personnel

To cultivate the research culture in the academe, research coordinators of the different colleges underwent research proposal writing training on August 9 – 12, 2021, at the University Cafeteria.

With the theme, “Elevating Perspectives in Cultivating Research Culture among Research Educators in the University,” the training became a pioneering phase to a series of research-related activities, creating a path for the university to establish its research standards and format to become a research producer of global standards.

“If the university meets the global standards for scientific research, UCU will have the edge on being recognized, not only in the country but potentially, even outside the country,” said Dr. Easter B. Belandres, Director of Center for Training and Professional Development, in the possibility of moving up into the international research platforms.

She even hopes that excellence in academic research will help UCU in being ranked among the top-performing universities.

“As a result, this could give a competitive advantage for our graduates in their chosen career,” added Belandres on the edge of graduates on huge potential landing their jobs.

She explained that the commonality of interest among the personnel would root a strategic foundation in elevating research excellence in the academic community.

“But this goal cannot be attained overnight; it requires a collective realignment of roles and responsibilities of all personnel in UCU, under the leadership of the top management. With one heart, one vision, we can achieve our aims, with the guidance of our leaders who effectively transform us in embracing the culture of scientific research,” Dr. Belandres added.

Among the topics discussed on the four-day-training were: writing the parts of a research paper lectured by Dr. Easter Belandres; proper citation and referencing lectured by Dr. Elisa C. Cristobal, Vice President for Administrative Affairs; and data gathering tools lectured by Dr. Josephine Lambinicio, Director of Center for Research and Development. A synchronized virtual with a limited face-to-face setup was arranged for the participation of the attendees.

After the first phase of this research initiative, all participants could craft their research proposals, which signals a good start, as UCU intends to have the research outputs published this coming November.