UCU rolls out free anti-flu vaccine for employees :: Urdaneta City University

UCU rolls out free anti-flu vaccine for employees

The first batch of employees took shots of anti-flu vaccine last October 29, 2021.


“As part of UCU-DRRMO’s health and safety programs, aiming to create a safer work environment in the university, this free anti-flu vaccination is one way to provide employees accessible methods for additional protection, especially during this time of pandemic,” said Sir John Leonard L. Caluag, Acting Director of UCU-DRRMO, in administering the first 100 free vaccines in the University.


The UCU-DRRMO, in coordination with the UCU-Clinic, was given the role of implementing the vaccination. First slots were given to departments and offices that cater frontline services dealing with most contacts of students and clienteles. Elderly employees and those with comorbidities were also listed in the first batch. 



“The next schedule for the other groups will be announced once the new set of vaccines are acquired,” added Caluag, as the university tries its best to guarantee ultimate health and safety services for the academic community.