UCUians name new SC Officers, take oath :: Urdaneta City University

The majority has spoken.
From 11, 248 students, 7, 056 or 62.73 % of the total number of voters casted their votes and participated in the electoral process during the Student Council Elections 2020 on October 5-7, 2020. 

Moral, Academic, Professional, and Excellence (MAPEx) presidential bet Nicolle Anne Dayrit triumphed over Jasmine Joy Valleroso of the League of Leaders (LOL) at the presidential race garnering 4,131 votes over the latter’s 2890 votes. Likewise, Dayrit will also represent the studentry in the UCU Board of Regents (BOR).

Jediah Usana from LOL party-list topped the race over Kathleen C. Vasquez of MAPEx by 586 votes, 3,775 over 3,189 for the vice-presidential post. 

Meanwhile, Ma. Almira Domingo won a landslide victory over Venus Bombay for the secretary post by 4,622 over 2,313 votes. 

Brylle John Yaba won as Treasurer with a total 3,960 over John Isiah Gandia’s 2,959 votes.

Frence Pimentel, on the other hand, was elected as the Auditor posting 4,111 votes against Shamira Casimiro who managed to get 2,831 votes.

The spot for Public Relations Officer (PRO) was clinched by Kurt Benedick Arciaga who got 4,150 total number of votes over his rival Angelo Maramag with 2,764 votes.

As for the College Representatives, Albert John Dayrit won as CAS representative, Samatha Marie Ferrer as CBMA representative, Beverly Calizo as CCJE representative, Shantelle Rose Velasco as CEA representative, Alexine Juliana Ocampo as CHS representative, Kassandra Christine Bigay as CHTM representative, Mhajal Lhaksmi Jhoanna Dulo as CHums representative, Mary Christine Cas as CITE representative, Moieses Timbang as COP representative, and Lizbeth Grace Garcia as CTE representative. 

The official proclamation of winners was broadcasted live via Facebook through the collaborative support system of SC COMELEC and University Management and Information System (MIS) on October 7, 2020, 4:30 pm.

“So help me, God.”

This statement officially marked the beginning of the leadership of the newly-elected officers of the Student Council as they took their oath to the office on October 13 at the University Amphitheater. 
Fifteen student leaders joined the ceremony headed by the UCU Acting University President and inducting officer, Atty. Dar A. Diga, who led the induction. 

This year's student council will take its function under the leadership of Nicolle Anne Dayrit, who notched the highest student post after gaining the majority of votes over her presidential rival, Jasmine Joy Valleroso.

She pledged her full commitment to help and assist the studentry in the 'new normal' of education.
"Kami po ay aagapay, susulong, aaksyon, para sa hamon ng makabagong edukasyon.," she said during her acceptance speech. 

"We are not here to impress. We are here to stand for the rights of our students," she added. 

Dayrit, from the Moral Academic Professional Academic Excellence (MAPEx) Party, succeeded the presidency from last year's SC President, Mark Darwin Sampilo.

The newly elected SC President will also serve as the studentry's voice in UCU Board of Regents as she sits as the student representative next to Sampilo. 

Other elected officers were: Jediah Usana, Vice President; Ma. Almira Domingo, Secretary; Brylle John Yaba, Treasurer; Frence Pimentel, Auditor; Kurt Benedick Arciaga, PRO; Albert John Dayrit, CAS representative; Samatha Marie Ferrer, CBMA representative; Beverly Calizo, CCJE representative; Shantelle Rose Velasco, CEA representative; Alexine Juliana Ocampo, CHS representative; Kassandra Christine Bigay, CHTM representative; Mhajal Lhaksmi Jhoanna Dulo, CHums representative; Mary Christine Cas, CITE representative; Moieses TimbanG, COP representative; and Lizbeth Grace Garcia, CTE representative.#