University officials undergo strategic planning workshop :: Urdaneta City University

University officials undergo strategic planning workshop

Directors, deans, and heads of different departments focused on the creation of their five-year development plan through a workshop last March 2-3.




Institutional Planning and Development Director Joseph U. Barrozo led the endeavor to keep the developments and innovations of departments on track from 2023 to 2027.




In the discussion of Dr. Tito G. Rocaberte from Araullo University, he noted that strategy is a blueprint of decisions in an organization. He also used a series of comparisons on how and why strategic planning would lead to a sustainable and effective organizational direction. Rocaberte also tackled the alignment of strategies based on the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the university.




University officials were teamed into three groups that include administrative affairs, academic affairs, and finance. Each participant crafted their plan and presented it in a panel discussion. Barrozo and Rocaberte gave their recommendations for the enhancement of their development plan.