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CSLD hosts Leadership Camp 2022


Student leaders from different student organizations in the University joined together for the three-day Hybrid Leadership Camp 2022 organized by the Center for Student Leadership and Development (CSLD) on June 8-10, 2022 at the University Gymnasium.




The Leadership Camp 2022 ventured into different activities, including online and face-to-face lectures and socialization activities, aiming at developing leadership capability and teamwork among youth leaders. 


Dr. Princess Sarah Quintana, College of Arts and Sciences dean, talked about leadership styles, qualities, and values. Prof. Jeazrielle F. Magno, University board secretary, led the discussion on parliamentary procedures and resolution drafting. 


Meanwhile, Atty. Leopoldo De Vera took the floor for the discussion of the topic “Law and Leadership: Its Relationships.” Dr. Maricel Erama developed among student leaders the mastery of letter writing. 


Moreover, CSLD Director Dr. Nhorly Domenden emphasized the importance of understanding oneself in becoming a leader. Mr. Richard Fernandez demonstrated physical fitness activities integral to the overall well-being of a person. Lastly, Prof. Jeffrey M. Caoile manned as the master of ceremony of the camp who discussed the group dynamics and rationalized the purpose of team building.


Prof. Rhea M. Agibuay, one of the resource speakers, talked about public speaking as an integral aspect of being a leader. In her talk, she gave important tips to overcome stage fright, highlighted her advocacy for voice care, and tackled different concepts concerning effective speech delivery. 


“Never forget that you can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart. Speak from the heart and you will never go astray,” Prof. Agibuay said concluding her discussion. 


The three-day camp ended with a closing program and awarding ceremony led by Dr. Domenden. He extended his commendations to all the participants and expressed his post-evaluation response to the campers. 




“Nakita namin ang pagiging kalmado ninyo. As leaders, kailangan nating magsakripisyo. As leaders, kailangan nating maging tahimik kung minsan, at kailangan nating maging kalmado sa mga oras na maraming tensyon sa paligid natin. Dahil mas nakakagawa tayo nang tamang desisyon sa pagiging kalmado natin,” the CSLD director remarked. 




The Leadership Camp 2022 was the first in-person camp to take place at UCU after three years due to physical restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic