UCU hosts Fulbright, advances HEIs' research agenda :: Urdaneta City University

UCU hosts Fulbright, advances HEIs' research agenda




Urdaneta City University hosted the Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) or the Fulbright Commission in the Philippines, and facilitated their hybrid Fulbright orientation and seminar on Methods of Research focusing on Quantitative Research on September 12-13, 2023 at the University Cafeteria.




"The founder, Dr. Pedro Orata used to promote internationalization. And we are so lucky, that the administrators in our university, under the leadership of President Alcazar, are continuing the vision that was started by Dr. Orata, since Urdaneta City University is actually also a product of research of Dr. Orata in the field of education,” expressed Dr. Virgilio Manzano, Dean of Institute of Graduate and Advanced Studies, in his welcome remarks.


In sync with the advancement of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) mandate on strengthening the research agenda of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), the first day was devoted to learning more on methods of research, which focused on Quantitative Research and several related subtopics, as discussed by Dr. Christine Mohker, resource speaker.




Dr. Mohker, is a Fulbright Visiting Professor in UCU for the academic year 2023-2024, who came from Florida State University under the College of Education, with a specialization in Higher Education. Her forte in quantitative research, specifically on data analytics, has broadened the knowledge of the UCUian participants, mostly consisting of students from the Graduate School and the Deans of the different colleges.




UCU as a research institution envisions the academic community toward implementation of international benchmark standards, research agenda, and technology-assisted education, among other educational needs and demands of today.




Acting University President Dr. Amihan April C. Mella-Alcazar stated that, “One of the major initiatives we wanted to actually infuse to Urdaneta City University is a focus on research. Research is not only an easy entry point for possible collaboration, but it is also one of the most effective ways by which we can deepen and substantially improve our ranking as Philippine Higher Education Institution.”




“Today, we would like to actually focus on how we can benefit from resources outside the Philippines, specifically through the Fulbright program, which is aided by the United States government, on how this can be introduced to our university as well as to the region,” Dr. Alcazar added.


On the second day, a hybrid presentation and orientation about the Fulbright scholarship programs was introduced to the selected participants of the University. A promising opportunity that caters to all, a Fulbright grant of scholarship consist of shouldered school fees, board and lodging fees, and round trip flight tickets to the United States, among other benefits. The Fulbright program, administered by the PAEF aims to increase mutual understanding, and build up the bilateral relations between the people of the United States and the Philippines through study, lecturing, research, fellowship grants, and cultural adeptness.








As Dr. Alcazar further said, “The Fulbright program provides scholarships to different scholars from many countries around the world which are provided by the United States government. And one of those programs is actually an exchange of faculty members, researchers, and scholars, in addition to students, especially Graduate students, who will have the opportunity to interact with academic communities in the United States, and their relative countries.”


With the leadership of a full-fledged Fulbright scholar, Dr. Alcazar herself, Urdaneta City University is headed toward the goal of becoming not just a strengthened research institution, but also a strengthened  academic institution through internationalization. UCU is the pilot university for the nationwide leg of the Fulbright Commission's selection process, marking a first in the Philippines and the sole representative for the entire province of Pangasinan, as it has met the program's standards and qualifications.