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Cultivating a vibrant culture of excellence in the field of humanities towards social change and development.


A premier institution producing globally competitive professionals in the field of Human Sciences geared at promoting empowerment and self-reliance to individuals, groups, and communities with respect for human dignity.



Provide inclusive quality education for helping professionals equipped with necessary knowledge, values and skills through multi-disciplinary collaboration in instruction, research, extension and production.



Towards the realization of its vision and mission, the college is committed to the following goals:

Create a strong foundation in understanding human behavior and social environment in various contexts.

Develop a positive stimulating learning environment to ensure deeper appreciation of the profession.

Provide opportunities for hands-on practice, establish linkages and enhance employability in the global, national and local arena.




Social Work:

1. Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in engaging in a generalist helping process and planned change process for therapeutic, protective, preventive, and transformative purposes.

 2. Analyze critically the origin, development and purposes of social work in the Philippines.

 3. Critique the impacts of global and national socio-structural inadequacies, discrimination, and oppression on quality of life.

4. Apply knowledge of human behavior and social environment with emphasis on the person-in-situation dynamic for social work assessment and intervention.

5. Critique social welfare policies, programs and services of the locality, country and/or region in terms of relevance, responsiveness, accessibility and availability to target populations.

6. Engage in advocacy work to promote socio-economic and cultural rights and well-being.

7. Generate resources for networking and partnership development.

8. Identify with the social work profession and conduct oneself in accordance with social work values and ethical principles.

9. Engage in social work practices that promote diversity and difference in client systems.

10. Use supervision to develop critical self-reflective practice for personal and professional growth.

11. Produce a portfolio of recordings, case studies and other social work documentation to reflect the quality and progress of practice.



1.To provide professional, technical and expert instruction in arts, sciences, humanities and technology.

2. To conduct systematic investigations geared toward the establishment and discovery of novel facts, solve present or existing problems, provide new ideas or develop new theories, satisfy curiosity and have mastery of nature.

3. To establish sustainable livelihood projects that will uplift the quality of life of the members of the community, and to expand transnational collaboration that will have socio-economic benefits to the present and future generations.


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (CHEDRO1 Order No. 30, s. 2020 with approved curriculum)


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