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Educating future pharmacists to deliver with wisdom and efficacy in their field of practice, aiming to improve the quality of life through health and welfare preservation. 


A nationally recognized leading pharmacy educator dedicated to transforming students into global pharmacy professional with integrity, competitiveness, service orientation, competence, compassion and ethics



To empower students in scientific wisdom, skills, right attitude and character through outcomes-based instructions that will enable them as pharmacists to conduct innovative researches and provide competent services in the community, hospital, industrial, regulatory and public health, academe, and in other related fields



Instruction- To enhance academic instructions that instill knowledge, skills, right attitude and social responsibility and produce high level pharmacists delivering pharmaceutical services.


Research - To encourage and promote innovative pharmaceutical researches and research culture.


Community Services - To identify opportunities for alignment and synergy with other stakeholders and sectors and participation in the university-wide extension services.




To address the increasing demands for the workforce of the pharmaceutical health care industry through a deeper understanding of the current perceptions, gaps and challenges related to pharmaceutical science and pharmacy practice in the Philippines.



To formulate research priorities, strategies and guidelines that initiate changes and improvements particularly in medication use pattern and healthcare delivery system;


Community Services

To identify opportunities for alignment or synergy with other stakeholders and sectors and production of affordable medications without compromising the quality and efficacy of the same.



The initiative to offer a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was backed up by a feasibility study. In a survey conducted among 19 high schools in Pangasinan, it was found out that the BS Pharmacy program is one of the most preferred college courses of graduating high school students. This result prompted Urdaneta City University to formally offer the program in June 2008 as a new course, made possible by the UCU Board of Regents under Board Resolution No. 1866 s. 2007 after its approval on July 11, 2007. 


From the time the College was opened in 2008, enrollment steadily increased – starting with ten students and flourishing to almost 200 students. The College has also produced 30 registered pharmacists since June 2013. 


On May 8, 2013, the program was awarded a special permit to conduct graduation for its enrolled students. On April 4, 2014, the Association of Local Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (ALCUCOA) awarded the Urdaneta City University Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program, Level II Accreditation. 


As of now, the College of Pharmacy continues to strive for academic excellence through improvements in facilities and equipment, being true to its vision and mission and driven with its aim of producing pharmacists who are scientifically competent in delivering the required full spectrum of pharmaceutical services.


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (CHEDRO1 Order No. 22, s. 2019 with approved curriculum)


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