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Embracing the interdisciplinary nature of curriculum to develop life-long learners and holistic individuals.



Inspired by the philosophy of Dr. Pedro T. Orata that education is relevant for the advancement of individuals and integral to the national development, the College of Arts and Sciences dedicates to facilitate the holistic development of students in arts and general education to enable them to become intellectually and globally competent individuals imbued with high sense of cultural, moral and environmental values.



The CAS is committed to provide quality and relevant courses in arts and general education in pursuit of advancement and excellence for the formation of professionally competent, adaptive, and innovative individuals in the global landscape.



To provide quality instruction in the Arts and Sciences through an outcomes-based curriculum and by the use of various learning modalities that can:

Think reflectively, critically, analytically, scientifically, and independently;

Uphold cultural identity and heritage;

Become active models and agents of transformation; and

Respect the fullness of life.



To Become who you are MEANT to BE!




The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is one of the newly installed colleges in Urdaneta City University, clustering the two original colleges, namely: College of Arts and Languages and College of Science and Mathematics. CAS holds curricular programs in general education, communication, and media arts. The college provides general knowledge to enrich students’ academic experience in terms of social, cultural, and environmental aspects and develop their capacities for life-long learning.


CAS caters to the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program, a four-year degree program that provides transformative education to individuals who intend to pursue a career in media, advertising, journalism, public relations, and other similar industries. The program expanded its specialized laboratories. In addition to the Speech Laboratory, the college established its own Radio and Television Laboratory for its broadcast productions in 2013. It also started airing its radio shows during lunch breaks in the university. Further, TV editing equipment were purchased, and canned and live reporting were featured in the achievements of the BA Communication students.


In 2013, the first Communication Media Awards (CMA’s) was established. The CMA’s became the college’s award-giving event, presenting recognition to students who excelled in various academic, leadership, socio-civic competitions – in the previous academic year. In recent years, the CMA’s included giving recognition to media practitioners in local TV networks (2015) and later included radio broadcast (2016). Also, in 2016, UCU faculty and personnel and partner organizations in the university that collaborated with the CAL were given recognition. Further, media outfits such as Bombo Radyo Dagupan, Bombo Radyo Baguio, GMA Dagupan, and ABS-CBN Baguio were recognized for their contributions as industry partners for the internship of BA Communication students.


Aside from these, the college also ensures the quality of instruction in sciences, language studies, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and other courses under general education. The college also emphasizes character building and values formation through the Nobility Program. The Nobility Program is a character-based course anchored in the life, philosophy, and work of Dr. Pedro T. Orata, the founder of Urdaneta City University. Moreover, the college recognizes the vital role of the youth in public and civic affairs.


Programs Offered


Bachelor of Arts in Communication (CHEDRO1 Order No. 26, s. 2020 with approved curriculum)


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