COLLEGE OF LAW :: Urdaneta City University
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Building a firm ground in law and legal education by upholding academic freedom and integrity in service.


It is to prepare the men and women to meet the needs of progress and modern technology in the various aspects of the practice of law and also to be responsible leaders in the development of law and the administration of justice. Moreover, it envisions to provide men and women with a profound legal education at a very reasonable cost geared towards public service and social justice.



1. To train the students to have a very wide and clear grasp of the law and to become lawyers;

2. To develop the student’s ability to think logically, methodically, analytically, and to express himself clearly and forcefully;

3. To nurture the students for leadership in various spheres in public service;

4. To serve the indigenous litigants as a paralegal by putting up UCU Legal Clinic, and;

5. To contribute to the development of Philippine jurisprudence and legal literature.



To practice our students to act upon the law with professional excellence and commitment to fairness, justice, compassion, and the highest ethical standards.



1. Students best construct their legal education by doing the real work of lawyers, taking advantage of opportunities for experiential learning as they arise.

2. Students best learn the art of lawyering by taking responsibility for trying to solve clients’ problems in an ethical, creative, and diligent manner.

3. Students will best contribute to the quality of the legal system by developing the habit of engaging in life-long critical reflection about themselves, the practice of law, and the justice system.


Programs Offered

Juris Doctor


  1. Admission Requirements

A prospective student enrolling in the College of Law should submit any valid admission credentials for evaluation of the Dean.


Original Transcript of Bachelor Degree in Arts or Sciences

UCU form 1 (Application form) with 11/2 ID Pictures (2 copies)

Entrance Examination Fee of Php 350.00

Voter’s ID or Comelec Certificate

Voter’s ID or Certification of the current detail

Voter’s ID or Valid Certification of LGU concerned


An application for admission (UCU form 1) may be obtained from the Law School Dean’s Office or Registrar Office. Upon submission, the application must be accompanied by two 11/2 ID pictures.


In addition to the foregoing requirements, a transferee must submit an honorable dismissal, a certification of subjects taken and their respective grades, and a certification of good moral character from the school or college last attended.


Admission decisions are made by the Dean, upon the recommendation of the Admission Committee, and taking into consideration the applicant’s scholastic records and abilities, entrance exam result, Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT) results, and character references.